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Air conditioning offers a valuable means of environmental control within the workplace, providing comfortable conditions for employees and visitors and in turn promoting productivity and a more positive working environment. Through intelligent design and the selection of the correct equipment, RJ Stearn can provide an air conditioning system suitable for all environments and requirements – and as a Mitsubishi-accredited installer, you can be assured that we provide a consistently high level of installation and after-sales service.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems can be provided with a range of installation options and to suit a range of property sizes, from small retail units to hotels, multi-storey office buildings and industrial sites. With experience in hundreds of previous installations, we can impart expert advice whatever your needs, offering a cost-effective and energy efficient installation to provide heating and cooling throughout your premises.

We routinely install and maintain a wide range of air conditioning systems, including single- and multi-split arrangements, ducted systems and VRF installations, and can provide air conditioning units including wall-mounted, floor-mounted, ceiling cassette and void-mounted installations.


Ventilation systems change or replace the air within an enclosed area, providing a further means of air quality control. In addition to helping to control temperature, such systems can be used to circulate air within a building and to exchange air with the outside, to help remove moisture (combatting the spread of mould and mildew), dust, smoke, airborne bacteria and odours.

System types available include both positive and negative pressurisation:

Systems can also be designed to include both the both pressurisation types which, in combination with Heat Recovery, provides an ideal system for areas utilising ventilation for comfort, such as an office block.

High COP Heat Recovery

In addition to the above options, we are pleased to offer high COP (Coefficient of Performance) heat recovery installations. In such systems, excess or waste heat is utilised within a system to provide enhanced performance and additional efficiency. In ventilation, this can be used to heat or cool external air to ambient temperatures, while in air conditioning systems a single condenser (outdoor unit) provides both heating and cooling modes simultaneously, utilising a 'mixed energy' mode to generate the larger demand (heating or cooling) for delivery, while the lesser demand is delivered for free. This leads to increased system performance and flexibility, while delivering reduced energy consumption and so reducing operating costs.