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Smoke detector and sounder Fire alarm panel and zone layout Smoke detector and sounder Manual call point Smoke detector and sounder Fire alarm panel and zone layout Smoke detector and sounder Fire alarm panel and zone layout Smoke detector and sounder Manual call point


An automatic fire detection system can save crucial seconds or minutes if a fire should accidentally break out on your premises, providing advance notice for the protection of both life and property. With 25 years' experience of installing fire alarms and having earned NSI Fire Silver and BAFE accreditation, RJ Stearn offer a high level of experience and expertise in providing the ideal fire detection system for all scenarios.

We can provide an expert service covering the full project cycle, from bespoke design, installation and commissioning through to long-term maintenance, and additionally can offer 24hr remote monitoring for added security.

Conventional Fire Alarm

Most often used in smaller premises, conventional fire alarm systems offer a cost effective solution where a large or sophisticated fire alarm system is not required. These systems offer fire detection within wired zones, providing automatic detection without pinpointing the exact location of a fire. While less flexible than Addressable systems, Conventional systems are suited to smaller buildings and constrained budgets.

Addressable Fire Alarm

Addressable fire alarm systems provide a more flexible and extensive coverage option than Conventional systems, and are ideally suited to larger or more complex properties such as office blocks, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centres and factories. All detection and alarm devices on the system are assigned a unique address and identifier, enabling instant pinpointing of fires via the control panel as soon as they are detected.

Aspirating Systems

Aspirating smoke detection systems provide the most sensitive fire detection option available, giving the earliest warning possible – even when smoke is too cool or fine to be detected by other means. Additionally, the system sensitivity can be adjusted to provide accurate fire detection even within harsh or dirty environments, where other detection types may be prone to false alarms.

These systems are ideal within critical areas such as Comms rooms, or in areas such as car parks and factory floors where excessive fumes and dust may be present. Aspirating systems also provide discrete aesthetics and reduced installation and maintenance costs.


Public Address/Voice Alarm systems are typically used in larger buildings such as high-rise offices, shopping centres, hospitals and sport/concert venues. PA/VA systems offer the quickest, simplest and safest means of evacuating large volumes of people from a dangerous situation, using clear and easily understood pre-recorded voice messages. Additionally, the system can be overridden when necessary to provide additional information, and can also be used for day-to-day operations such as announcements and background music.

Graphical Monitoring System

Graphical fire alarm monitoring provides a PC-based visual interface by which to monitor and control a fire alarm system, enabling single-device instruction without having to access the fire alarm panel. Ideally suited for very large, wide-spread or complex systems, graphical monitoring allows for simple control of individual devices by site management teams and for immediate visual indication of fire detection on a schematic of the building. Custom control programming additionally enables isolation and re-enabling of specified groups of devices with the click of a single button (for e.g. weekly testing), without having to isolate entire zones.