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Thanks to having over sixty years' experience within the industry, RJ Stearn are able to offer expertly-delivered lighting installations to clients of all sizes and to suit all requirements. With previous installations covering office premises, factories, universities, leisure centres, banking clients, retail units, sports grounds and many more, we are well-placed to cover all your lighting needs, whether it be general lighting, marketing illumination, industrial coverage or ornamental feature fittings.


RJ Stearn offer unique and personally tailored lighting design, installation and commissioning services for a wide range of premises and circumstances, with consideration given to the requirements of each application and location. With our extensive experience and an intrinsic understanding of our clients' needs, RJ Stearn can provide aesthetically pleasing lighting installations with optimal coverage in a cost-effective package.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting forms an essential part of the health and safety provision of any premises, providing immediate secondary lighting in case of power failure to the main lighting system in order to ensure building occupants can evacuate safely.

As part of our lighting and life safety portfolio, RJ Stearn are pleased to offer emergency lighting system design, installation and maintenance services, helping to ensure your premises are compliant with current legislation including providing coverage in accordance with BS 5266.

Sustainable Lighting

As part of our commitment to sustainable installations, RJ Stearn provide a range of environmentally-friendly lighting options, enabling tangible energy savings and reduced maintenance time and costs.

Among our range of sustainable options, we offer LED lighting (providing equal illumination at a massively reduced power consumption), PIR and Microwave presence detection (ensuring lights operate only when required and shut off when not in use) and daylight-sensing and photo cell controls, preventing lights from switching on while there is a pre-determined ambient brightness present (ensuring lights operate only when fully necessary).

In addition to these, RJ Stearn can provide Intelligent Lighting systems, which combine pre-programmed scheduling, control technology, dimming, daylight equalisation and movement detection to offer maximum energy efficiency 24hrs a day, adjusting lighting to suit ambient conditions and ensuring fittings never operate at a higher output than is needed.

Whether a new-build premises or a retro-fit to an existing system, sustainable lighting offers improved performance and cost savings, frequently with a fantastic return on investment including past savings of 70% on energy bills.